Enhance your ability to conduct cross-disciplinary research

To further the understanding of the intricate cellular- and molecular-scale biomechanical processes, a collaborative and integrated approach is needed that brings together the skills and expertise of applied scientists, nanotechnologists, molecular and cell biologists, surface and interfacial chemists, mechanical engineers, bioengineers, and biophysicists. Learning to operate effectively in both biological and engineering/physical science laboratories is essential to conducting research at the intersection of biology and engineering. Participation in the BioNanotechnology Summer Institute 2011 will give you the basic tools needed operate effectively in an interdisciplinary environment.

Visit the Cellular and Molecular Mechanics and BioNanotechnology Integrative Graduate Education and Research Traineeship (CMMB IGERT) Web site to see how Illinois is training the next generation of leaders who will define the new frontiers of cellular and molecular mechanics and bionanotechnology.

Learn about the potential applications of nanotechnology in cancer research

It is known that more than 1.5 million Americans were diagnosed with cancer during 2009, and half a million have died (Cancer Statistics 2009, ACS). In spite of considerable effort, there has been limited success in reducing per capita deaths from cancer since 1950. This calls for a paradigm shift in the understanding, detection, and intervention of the evolution of cancer from a single cell to tumor scale. Nanotechnology opens promising new avenues for understanding, managing, diagnosing, and treating cancer.

Visit the Midwest Cancer Nanotechnology Training Center (M-CNTC)Web site to see how Illinois is confronting this challenge using the latest advances in technology in the areas of Ex-vivo Diagnostics, In-vivo Imaging, Therapeutic Nanotechnology, and Mechanobiology and Nanotechnology.


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