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 Biosensing of Soybean Rust Spores
PI: Brian Cunningham
Irfan Ahmad, Glen Hartman, Linda Kull


* Active Spatiotemporal Control of Molecular Assembly
PI: Paul Bohn
Co-PI(s): Jonathan Sweedler, Mark Shannon

* Bacterial Protein Toxins, their Interaction with Host Cells, and their Effects on Intracellular Signal Transduction
PI: Brenda Wilson

* Molecular Gating for Nanofluidic Control
PI: Paul Bohn
Co-PI(s): Jonathan Sweedler, Mark Shannon

* Colorimetic Arrays for Chemical Sensing
PI: Kenneth Suslick

* Experimental Characterization of Air Flow in Aircraft Cabins
PI: Yuanhui Zhang
Co-PI(s): Yigang Sun


* Applying Micro Electromechanical Systems (MEMS) for Nanotechnology Applications (M4N)
PI: Chang Liu
Co-PI(s): Chad Mirkin, Min-feng Yu, Yong Huang

* Biofluidic Intelligent Processors for Preparative Manipulations of Biological Warfare Agents at the Attomole Level
PI: Paul Bohn
Co-PI(s): Mark Shannon, Jonathan Sweedler

* Conducting Materials: Synthetic Ion Channels and Conjugated Ladder Polymers
PI: Mary Gin

* Continuum Studies of Carbon Nanotubes
PI: Yong Huang

* Directed Nanoscale Self-Assembly using Amorphous Semiconductors
PI: Edmund Seebauer
Co-PI(s): John Abelson

* Low-temperature CVD of Metallic Ceramic Thin Films
PI: John Abelson
Co-PI(s): Gregory Girolami

* Nanopatterning Techniques for Plastic Optoelectronics
PI: John Rogers

* Porous Optoelectronic Materials
PI: Paul Bohn
Co-PI(s): Ilesanmi Adesida

* Quantum Computing in an Elementary Solid State Spin Qubit-Circuit
PI: Jean-Pierre Leburton

* Sonochemical Synthesis of Nanomaterials
PI: Kenneth Suslick


* Adsorbate Mediated Electrodeposition: Experimental and Multiscale Numerical Investigations on Surface Roughness and Shape Evolution
PI: Richard Alkire
Co-PI(s): Richard D. Braatz


* Cancer Nanotechnology: Nanomaterials and Nanofabrication
PI: Rashid Bashir
Irfan Ahmad, Ilesanmi Adesida, Jonathan Sweedler
Funding: NCI

* Nanomedicine for Cancer Research
PI: Kenneth Watkin
Brian Cunningham, Irfan Ahmad, Illinois; Atiya Abbasi, University of Karachi 
Funding: USAID-Higher Education Commission of Pakistan

* Microfluidic Technology for In Vitro Embryo Production, Embryo Manipulation, Developmental Biology, Differentiation and Assisted Reproduction
PI: Mathew Wheeler 

* Microsphere-based vehicles for delivery of drugs and growth factors for tissue engineering
PI: Kyekyoon (Kevn) Kim
Co-PI(s): Russ Jamison, Hyungsoo Choi

* Modulation of Neural Network Activity by Patterning
PI: Bruce Wheeler
Co-PI(s): Gregory Brewer

* Optical Contrast Agents for Optical Coherence Tomography
PI: Stephen Boppart
Co-PI: Kenneth Suslick

* Optical Imaging of Dynamic Three-Dimesional Engineered Tissues
PI: Stephen Boppart
Co-PI(s): Deborah Leckband, Tejal Desai, Thomas Eurell

* Precision microspheres and microcapsules of biodegradable materials for advanced drug delivery
PI: Kyekyoon (Kevin) Kim
Co-PI(s): Daniel W. Pack, Hyungsoo Choi

* (Re)Engineering of Nanoparticle Gene Delivery Vehicles
PI: Daniel W. Pack


* Confocal Scanning Laser Microscopy Imaging of Microsphere-Nanoparticle Assemblies
PI: Jennifer Lewis
Co-PI(s): Paul Braun, Erik Lutijen, Steve Granick

* Fabrication and characterization of highly structured nanoparticles and their application to nanoscale devices
Co-PI(s): Kyekyoon (Kevin) Kim, Hyungsoo Choi

* Fabrication and characterization of doped glass micro- and nanospheres and their application to novel devices and imaging
Co-PI(s): Kyekyoon (Kevin) Kim, Hyungsoo Choi

* Fabrication and characterization of nanowires and their application to nanoscale devices
Co-PI(s): Kyekyoon (Kevin ) Kim, Hyungsoo Choi

* Study of charged liquid cluster beam (CLCB) generation and application to nanoscale science and technology
Co-PI(s): Kyekyoon (Kevin) Kim, Hyungsoo Choi


* Combinatorial Engineering Methods to obtain Proteins and DNA
PI: Yi Lu


* Fabrication of Three-Dimensional Microvascular Networks
PI: Scott White
Co-PI(s): Jennifer Lewis

* High Performance and Yet Low Cost and Modular Microfluid Platform for Distributed Environmental Monitoring
PI: Chang Liu

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College of Agriculture, Consumer, and Environmental Sciences
College of Engineering

College of Liberal Arts and Science
College of Veterinary Medicine

Office of Vice President

Economic Development
Ghosh, Avijit

College of Agriculture, Consumer, and Environmental Sciences

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Lewin, Harris

College of Engineering

Aerospace and Aeronautical Engineering
White, Scott

Insana, Michael

Chemical Engineering
Leckband, Deborah

Electrical and Computer Engineering
Rashid Bashir

Coleman, James
 Lyding, Joseph
Timp, Gregory

Materials Science and Engineering
Schweizer, Ken
Lewis, Jennifer

Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
Shannon, Mark

Nayfeh, Munir

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Sligar, Stephen

Nuzzo, Ralph (Committee co-Chair)

College of Veterinary Medicine

Veterinary Pathobiology
Schook, Larry
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