Participant Reflection Report

The objective of the Summer Institute participant reflection is to encourage each participant to communicate with organizers about how much learning took place and how participants would envision leveraging the knowledge gained and skills learned in their research and professional endeavors.


  • Each participant is required to submit a one- to two-page report
  • The following questions should be answered:
    • What have you accomplished these past two weeks at the Institute, and how do you think this will affect your research?
    • What aspects of the Summer Institute were most beneficial? What aspects were least beneficial?
    • How could your Summer Institute experience be improved?
    • (For IGERT and M-CNTC Trainees only) How has this experience enhanced your traineeship with IGERT/M-CNTC?

Participants also will be asked to fill out a preliminary evaluation form and a final evaluation form, and will be assigned a specific time to participate in a focus group during the second week of the Summer Institute.


The Summer Institute is sponsored by GEM4, NSF IGERT, NIH M-CNTC, NSF EBICS, and NSF NanoBio Node.

Cancer Nanotechnology and Cellular Mechanics


The overall objective is to enhance the ability to address overarching challenges in the areas of Cancer Nanotechnology and Mechanobiology. Highly interdisciplinary in nature, the 2013 Summer Institute will offer faculty expertise from biology, engineering, materials science, and nanotechnology through a combination of lectures and hands-on lab experiences.