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From Moon Rocks to Test Tubes: Arzeena Ali Exemplifies the STEM Pipeline in Action



“My REU at UIUC was beyond amazing. The experiences from this summer have really inspired me to continue towards my goal of earning my PhD. I was shown the importance of interdisciplinary work, and what can be accomplished when people from various fields work towards a shared goal. I am thankful to have this experience and I am definitely going to apply [to the University of Illinois] for graduate school.”

Craig Richard, nano@illinois REU student, 2014

“My time spent being apart of nano@illinois during the summer is of great significance and a cherishable one. I was taught the necessary skills to not only conduct research but to present and communicate my discoveries in a professional setting. I developed amazing relationships with students and faculty. My decisions to pursue a graduate degree were strengthened by my experience at UIUC.”

Josephine Hovhannessian, nano@illinois REU student, 2014

“Thank you for giving me such a great chance to join the REU program. It is a very productive experience, not only for lab knowledge, friendship, but also for the information of applying for graduate schools. Thank you.”

Meifeng Lin, nano@illinois REU student, 2014



“The nano at Illinois REU was one of the greatest experiences I have had so far. I was introduced to an area of science that I was not familiar with. Through my REU experience I learned various applications for nanotechnology, such as detecting mutations in genes or the observing the specialization of stem cells. Since my ultimate goal in my academic career is to pursue my M.D./Ph.D., the nano@illinois REU has made me aware of the changes in medicine and the role that nanotechnology is beginning to play.”

Shaquille Lewis, nano@illinois REU student, 2014

“This REU gave me the opportunity to develop professional skills, improve my research writing, and synthesize devices all in one summer.”

Mohammad Jaber, nano@illinois REU student, 2014





"My experience at nano@illinois was definitely illuminating - I was introduced to an experimental approach that I found especially interesting, and which I continue to work on today. I think the small size of our program was particularly conducive to a good experience at UIUC for me. Even though we were partnered with SROP, I still felt that our group was close knit, providing for both an enjoyable and academically rigorous experience. There was much personal attention and advice given to us by all the staff and mentors, and I would highly recommend this program to any other prospective students." 

Andew Wang, nano@illinois REU student, 2014


Emergent Behaviors of Integrated Cellular


“My summer REU experience was one of a kind. Not only did I enhance my knowledge of bioengineering, but I was also able to come out of my shell and interact with individuals from various parts of the world. I was exposed to so much positivity. I practiced responsibility and discipline, while enjoying myself. I don't think I would've gotten this anywhere else.”

Lauren Pinder, EBICS REU student, 2014

“My REU experience at UIUC was an educating and enlightening one. I was shown a different side of the science (research) community; I was able to see the importance and impact of interdisciplinary work in research, something I believe is very important with all the technological advances. I am very grateful to have experienced that.”

Ehiremen Iyoha, EBICS REU student, 2014



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