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At CNST we firmly believe in the value of partnerships, which it brings to advance the mission of the University of Illinois. By establishing linkages with industrial partners we commit ourselves to deliver quality education, bleeding-edge research synergistically with the industry in creating intellectual property resulting in technologies and products which positively affect the lives of our fellow citizens.

Avenues for Industry to Partner with CNST

Affiliate programs. Industry Partners participating in CNST's affiliate program interact closely with university faculty in specific research areas. The nature and mode of participation can be informal visits to research laboratories, or formally at annual workshops or campus symposia.

Consulting. CNST faculty members consult on a private basis with Industry Partners. These contacts occur through the individual faculty, not CNST directly.
" Leveraging existing research. Industry Partners may leverage ongoing research at CNST.

Licensing. Industry Partners can license intellectual property, such as hardware, technology process, or software from CNST. Industry Partners that support the research have the opportunity to negotiate beneficial licensing terms through the Office of Technology Management.

Long-term research gifts. Industry Partners also make long-term gifts dedicated to an area of research.

Personnel placement. Industry Partners sometimes place their own personnel at CNST for a limited time.

Research center funding. Some Industry Partners fund a research center, which can provide significant impetus to the Industry Partner's research direction. Funding a center entails developing a pool of talented students whose expertise can be leveraged by the Industry Partner through direct hire.

Research contracts. Some Industry Partners contract for goal-oriented research, which targets a specific research area.

Research visitor program. Provides a chance for researchers from academia and industry to interact with CNST faculty and students on novel, innovative, interdisciplinary research topics for an extended period.

Student interns and fellowships. Industry Partners hire student interns as a way to meet short-term needs and recruit future employees. They also offer fellowships to support students' research.

Contact us to establish a partnership.
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