Students gain knowledge and develop skills and appreciation for the role nanotechnology plays in shaping our future. Courses span the basic sciences, engineering sciences, and information sciences. Students are exposed to a broad, interdisciplinary set of courses that promote an understanding of nanotechnology as it applies to basic and applied research.

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Course No.



Agricultural and Biological Engineering

ABE 446 Biological Nanoengineering
ABE 498 Engineering Application of Nanoscale Biology


Aerospace Engineering

AE 525  Advanced Composite Materials



BIOE 461  Cellular Biomechanics


Civil and Environmental Engineering

CEE 300 Behavior of Materials


Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

CHBE 457  Microelectronics Processing
CHBE 594 PK Microchemical Systems
CHEM 578  Combinatorial Chemistry 
CHEM 584  Introduction to Materials Chem 


Electrical and Computer Engineering

ECE 340 Semiconductor Electronics 
ECE 416  Biosensors 
ECE 444 Theory and Fabrication of Integrated Circuit Devices
ECE 447Active Microwave Circuit Design
ECE 451 Advanced Microwave Measurement
ECE 455 Optical Electronics
ECE 457 Microwave Devices and Circuits
ECE 460  Optical Imaging 
ECE 481  Nanotechnology
ECE 484 Principles of Advanced Microelectronics Processing
ECE 485 MEMS Devices and Systems
ECE 488 Compound Semiconductors and Devices
ECE 495 Photonic Device Laboratory
ECE 510 Micro and Nanolithography
ECE 536 Integrated Optics and Optoelectronics
ECE 572  Quantum Opto-Electronics
ECE 574 Nanophotonics
ECE 583 Semiconductor Nanotechnology Lab 
ECE 598 XL Advanced Semiconductor Nanotechnology


Mechanical Engineering

ME 482 Musculoskeletal Tissue Mechanics
ME 487 MEMS-NEMS Theory and Fabrication
ME 598 PF Introduction to Nanomanufacturing 
ME 598 HJ Nanomechanics of Electronic Materials
ME 598 SS Nanoscale Transport Fundamentals
ME 598 BF Micro/Nano Engineering Capstone Project


Materials Science and Engineering

MSE 182  Introduction to Materials Science and Engineering
MSE 201  Phases and Phase Relations 
MSE 280        Introduction to Engineering Materials
MSE 304  Electronic Properties of Materials
MSE 307 Materials Laboratory I
MSE 308  Materials Laboratory II
MSE 395  Materials Design 
MSE 401        Thermodynamics of Materials
MSE 402  Kinetic Processes in Materials
MSE 403        Synthesis of Materials
MSE 405  Microstructure Determination
MSE 406        Thermal-Mechanical Behavior of Materials
MSE 420  Ceramic Materials and Properties
MSE 421        Ceramic Processing
MSE 422        Electrical Ceramics
MSE 423  Ceramic Processing Laboratory
MSE 425  Chemically Bonded Ceramics
MSE 440        Mechanical Behavior of Metals
MSE 441  Metals Processing
MSE 442  Metals Laboratory
MSE 443  Design of Engineering Alloys
MSE 444  Welding and Joining Processes
MSE 445  Corrosion of Metals
MSE 452        Polymer Laboratory
MSE 453        Plastics Engineering
MSE 455  Polymer Physics
MSE 457  Polymer Chemistry
MSE 458  Polymer Physical Chemistry
MSE 460        Electronic Materials I
MSE 461  Electronic Materials II
MSE 462 Electronic Materials Laboratory
MSE 470        Design and Use of Biomaterials
MSE 472  Biomaterials Laboratory
MSE 473  Biomolecular Materials Science
MSE 474 Biomaterials and Nanomedicine
MSE 480        Surfaces and Colloids 
MSE 481        Electron Microscopy
MSE 487 Materials for Nanotechnology
MSE 498 JR  Optical Properties of Materials
MSE 498 EL  Introduction To Computer Simulation Methods
MSE 498 MS  Introduction to Nanotechnology
MSE 498 JW   Introduction to Nanoscience
MSE 498 WX  Molecular Cell Biology for Engineers
MSE 500        Statistical Thermodynamics of Materials
MSE 522  Ceramic Dielectrics
MSE 564  Vapor Phase Thin Film Growth
MSE 580  Diffraction Physics of Materials 



PHYS 565  Theory of Semiconductors and Devices