Faculty Research Projects


Biosensing of Soybean Rust Spores

PI: Brian Cunningham
Co-PI(s): Irfan Ahmad, Glen Hartman, Linda Kull


*Active Spatiotemporal Control of Molecular Assembly

PI: Paul Bohn
Co-PI(s): Jonathan Sweedler, Mark Shannon

*Bacterial Protein Toxins, their Interaction with Host Cells, and their Effects on Intracellular Signal Transduction

PI: Brenda Wilson

*Molecular Gating for Nanofluidic Control

PI: Paul Bohn
Co-PI(s): Jonathan Sweedler, Mark Shannon

*Colorimetic Arrays for Chemical Sensing

PI: Kenneth Suslick

*Experimental Characterization of Air Flow in Aircraft Cabins

PI: Yuanhui Zhang
Co-PI(s): Yigang Sun


*Applying Micro Electromechanical Systems (MEMS) for Nanotechnology Applications (M4N)

PI: Chang Liu
Co-PI(s): Chad Mirkin, Min-feng Yu, Yong Huang

*Biofluidic Intelligent Processors for Preparative Manipulations of Biological Warfare Agents at the Attomole Level

PI: Paul Bohn Co-PI(s): Mark Shannon, Jonathan Sweedler

*Conducting Materials: Synthetic Ion Channels and Conjugated Ladder Polymers

PI: Mary Gin

*Continuum Studies of Carbon Nanotubes

PI: Yong Huang

*Directed Nanoscale Self-Assembly using Amorphous Semiconductors

PI: Edmund Seebauer
Co-PI(s): John Abelson

*Low-temperature CVD of Metallic Ceramic Thin Films

PI: John Abelson
Co-PI(s): Gregory Girolami

*Nanopatterning Techniques for Plastic Optoelectronics

PI: John Rogers

*Porous Optoelectronic Materials

PI: Paul Bohn
Co-PI(s): Ilesanmi Adesida

*Quantum Computing in an Elementary Solid State Spin Qubit-Circuit

PI: Jean-Pierre Leburton

*Sonochemical Synthesis of Nanomaterials

PI: Kenneth Suslick


*Adsorbate Mediated Electrodeposition: Experimental and Multiscale Numerical Investigations on Surface Roughness and Shape Evolution

PI: Richard Alkire
Co-PI(s): Richard D. Braatz


*Cancer Nanotechnology: Nanomaterials and Nanofabrication

PI: Rashid Bashir
Co-PI(s): Irfan Ahmad, Ilesanmi Adesida, Jonathan Sweedler
Funding: NCI

*Nanomedicine for Cancer Research

PI: Kenneth Watkin
Co-PI(s): Brian Cunningham, Irfan Ahmad, Illinois; Atiya Abbasi, University of Karachi
Funding: USAID-Higher Education Commission of Pakistan

*Microfluidic Technology for In Vitro Embryo Production, Embryo Manipulation, Developmental Biology, Differentiation and Assisted Reproduction

PI: Mathew Wheeler

*Microsphere-based vehicles for delivery of drugs and growth factors for tissue engineering

PI: Kyekyoon (Kevn) Kim
Co-PI(s): Russ Jamison, Hyungsoo Choi

*Modulation of Neural Network Activity by Patterning

PI: Bruce Wheeler
Co-PI(s): Gregory Brewer

*Optical Contrast Agents for Optical Coherence Tomography

PI: Stephen Boppart
Co-PI: Kenneth Suslick

*Optical Imaging of Dynamic Three-Dimesional Engineered Tissues

PI: Stephen Boppart
Co-PI(s): Deborah Leckband, Tejal Desai, Thomas Eurell

*Precision microspheres and microcapsules of biodegradable materials for advanced drug delivery

PI: Kyekyoon (Kevin) Kim
Co-PI(s): Daniel W. Pack, Hyungsoo Choi

*Re)Engineering of Nanoparticle Gene Delivery Vehicles

PI: Daniel W. Pack


*Confocal Scanning Laser Microscopy Imaging of Microsphere-Nanoparticle Assemblies

PI: Jennifer Lewis
Co-PI(s): Paul Braun, Erik Lutijen, Steve Granick

*Fabrication and characterization of highly structured nanoparticles and their application to nanoscale devices

Co-PI(s): Kyekyoon (Kevin) Kim, Hyungsoo Choi

*Fabrication and characterization of doped glass micro- and nanospheres and their application to novel devices and imaging

Co-PI(s): Kyekyoon (Kevin) Kim, Hyungsoo Choi

*Fabrication and characterization of nanowires and their application to nanoscale devices

Co-PI(s): Kyekyoon (Kevin ) Kim, Hyungsoo Choi

*Study of charged liquid cluster beam (CLCB) generation and application to nanoscale science and technology

Co-PI(s): Kyekyoon (Kevin) Kim, Hyungsoo Choi


*Combinatorial Engineering Methods to obtain Proteins and DNA

PI: Yi Lu


*Fabrication of Three-Dimensional Microvascular Networks

PI: Scott White
Co-PI(s): Jennifer Lewis

*High Performance and Yet Low Cost and Modular Microfluid Platform for Distributed Environmental Monitoring

PI: Chang Liu

Research Strategy Committee

Office of the Vice President for Research

Lawrence Schook

Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research

Jennifer Eardley - Associate Vice Chancellor for Research, and Division of Biomedical Sciences
Jimmy Hsia - Associate Vice Chancellor for Research, and MechSE

College of Agricultural, Consumer, and Environmental Sciences

Jozef Kokini - Associate Dean for Resarch
Gene Robinson - Director, Institute for Genomic Biology
Lila Vodkin - Crop Sciences

College of Applied Health Sciences

Kenneth Watkin - Center for Health, Aging, and Disability

College of Engineering

Irfan Ahmad - Agricultural and Biological Engineering, and CNST
Rashid Bashir - Electrical and Computer Engineering, and BioE
Jennifer Bernhard - Associate Dean for Research, and ECE
James Coleman - Electrical and Computer Engineering
Brian Cunningham - Electrical and Computer Engineering, and BioE
Placid Ferreira - Mechanical Science and Engineering
Lynford Goddard - Electrical and Computer Engineering
Michael Insana - Bioengineering Paul Kenis - Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Yi Lu - Chemistry
Joseph Lyding - Electrical and Computer Engineering
Nadya Mason - Physics
Munir Nayfeh - Physics
John Rogers - Materials Science and Engineering
Scott White - Aerospace Engineering

College of Education

Lizanne DeStefano - Educational Psychology

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Martha Gillette - Cell and Developmental Biology
Stephen Sligar - Biochemistry (Committee co-Chair)
Ralph Nuzzo - Chemistry

College of Veterinary Medicine

Timoth Fan -Veterinary Teaching Hospital

Research Park and EnterpriseWorks at Illinois

Laura Frerichs- Director