Nano Research

A collaborative scientific ecosystem continues to spearhead our multidisciplinary efforts. Success is evident in the development of centers engaging and joining faculty and integrating biology with engineering, materials science with medicine and agriculture, and molecular and cellular structures. Researchers and their collaborators at more than 45 departments and units across the campus are working to advance science at the nanoscale at Illinois.

Nano@illinois represents a wide-ranging research collaboratory resulting in new materials, devices, and ideas with applications in agriculture, electronics, energy, environment, medicine, and other fields. Semiconductor-based materials and device research is leading to transformational discoveries such as the light emitting diode, worlds’ fastest transistors, quantum dot lasers, VCSELs, carbon nanotube and graphene based electronics, label-free biological detection, lab-on-chip technologies, cancer tumor detection, advanced drug and gene delivery, and soybean rust spore detection are just a few examples of innovation at Illinois.

Our Center represents more than 150 researchers and their collaborators working at the micro and nanoscale in the areas of bionanotechnology, computational and theoretical nanotechnology, nanoelectronics and nanophotonics, nanomaterials and nanomechanics, MEMS/NEMS, societal and ethical implications of nanotechnology, and assessment.

Nano@illinois contributes to all major scientific disciplines across the campus, the state of Illinois, the nation, and even globally through scientific and industrial partnerships and entrepreneurship. We invite you to explore the many ways that excellence, innovation, and leadership—hallmarks of the scientific enterprise at Illinois here on the global web.